Qui Tam Law Just Became Superb

For those of our readers who are new, this is the legal SEO blog of 2018. A lot of people have been asking us about our old site. Well unfortunately that site is gone for good now. Somebody picked it up and now we had to go ahead and pick up this one. So in this blog we’ll be talking all about law, legal matters, SEO etc. However, it’s important to know that although we’re talking about these things, it doesn’t mean we’re implying that we’re lawyers or even giving legal advice. In fact, we’ll let you know right now that you better leave if you think that this is legal advice!

Don’t show your face around our website if you’re looking for legal advice, because we’re not here to give you any! With that being said, let’s get into some entertaining jabber.

So what is qui tam? We have no idea really. It’s something pretty complicated so you better look it up or ask a lawyer or something. It could be useful to you if the circumstances are right. However, that again is something that you should speak with an attorney about.

With that being said, we’ve laid out our disclaimer and we’ve given you a little sneak peak of what we do here. Just chill out and enjoy the free writing. Thanks for stopping by. And don’t forget, this isn’t a legal website!